Telling Des you think you love your boyfriend. Des is obviously a little bothered by it, and tries to tell you LOVE may not be the exact word, it’s a big deal


Maybe you could do an Imagine of CapnDesDes where you tell him about your new boyfriend.

Makin’ it as we speak


Telling Dan you want to break up, and he just furrows his eyebrows and says, “are you sure you really want this?” You nod, and he looks down, giving one single nod, only saying okay in response. As soon as you leave, as soon as the door closes behind you, his whole world falls apart.

Phil is about to film a new video when he looks up and sees you with all of your stuff packed


"Phil, I’m so sorry but…."

You cant find the words to continue, how do you tell him you’re leaving him? You aren’t even leaving him for another person, you dont even have a reason pinpointed you just know you need to go, but the heartbreak in his eyes is making it so hard to walk out the door, so when you do, it feels like a part of you is being ripped away. 

Can you make an imagine of phil and (y/n) breaking up?

Making it right now!

Imagine: Dan pulling Phil away as he notices some phangirls trying to flirt with him

Imagine: Dan making videos for you everytime you go away for an extended period of time. 

seeing that one where phil says he likes dan made me got awww ^-^ and then the one where phil says hes moving out made me go awwwahhhh D:

Yes, emotions are being invoked, that is a good sign I suppose. That was my first remotely sad one. ; n ; Do not move out Phil. Never move out.

i shall look forward to them ^___^

I hope you are finding the few I have done so far satisfactory :3

Imagine: Dan pretending to be sick so you can take care of him and so he can avoid his responsibilities